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Something sweet is happening in Avalon Park

About Us

Bringing only the very best of Colombian baked goods to Orlando and doing so in the sweetest way possible.

The Bakery Colombian Cafe will be filling your days with the flavor of Delicious Colombian Coffee and pastries such as our tasty pandebono. 

The Bakery Colombian Coffee Desserts
This Is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It

The Bakery Colombian Coffee

With premium ingredients reminiscent of those used in a typical Colombian household and, of course, lots of love and care.

WE PRIDE OURSELves in our attention to detail and the hard work that all of our team puts in baking the perfect pastrIES for you to enjoy!

Our Menu

The Bakery Colombian Coffee Buñuelos

 🥐 Take Me Home 🥐 Take Me Home 🥐 Take Me Home 🥐 Take Me Home 🥐

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